Gamma Pak Irradiation Facility

Canadian MDS Nordion, in its current name Best Theratronics, for which we act as exclusive distributor founded Gamma Pak irradiation facility as Turn-Key. In Gamma Pak irradiation facility, IS9600 model 4th category, automatic box carrier featured irradiator was used. The device was installed Turn-Key by the Canadian MDS Nordion. The irradiator was registered to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as IS9600 model under serial number IR-185. The irradiator had double capsule CO-60 welding pencils in the form of metal source. The welding panel had a total capacity of 101 Pbq (3.000.000 Ci).

The irradiation facility was composed of irradiation chamber (Biological Armor), welding panel, welding storage pool, product handling and welding passage system, storage aea and automatic control system.